Industry: 3199—Leather Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather goods, not elsewhere classified, such as saddlery, harnesses, whips, embossed leather goods, leather desk sets, razor strops, and leather belting. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing gaskets and packing are classified in Industry 3053. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather and sheep-lined clothing are classified in Industry 2386.

Aprons, leather: e.g., blacksmiths', welders'Helmets, except athletic: leather
Aprons, textile machinery: leatherHolsters, leather
Bags, feed: for horsesJackets, welders': leather
Belt laces, leatherLashes (whips)
Belts, safety: leatherLeather belting for machinery: flat, solid, twisted, and built-up
Boots, horseLeggings, welders': leather
Boxes, leatherMill strapping for textile mills, leather
Burnt leather goods for the tradeNovelties, leather
Collars and collar pads (harness)Puttees, canvas and leather
Corners, luggage: leatherRazor strops
Crops, ridingSaddles and parts
Desk sets, leatherSeatbelts, leather
Dog furnishings, leather: e.g., collars, leashes, harnesses, muzzlesSleeves, welders': leather
Embossed leather goods for the tradeSpats
Fly nets (harness)Stirrups, wood and metal
Halters (harness)Straps except watch straps: leather
Handles, whip and luggage: leatherWhips horse
Harnesses and harness partsWhipstocks
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3199Leather Goods, Nec1,145
319900Leather goods, nec461
31990000Leather goods, nec461
319901Equestrian related leather articles249
31990100Equestrian related leather articles64
31990101Boots, horse13
31990102Feed bags for horses6
31990103Harness or harness parts32
31990104Riding crops4
31990105Saddles or parts106
31990107Stirrups, wood or metal12
31990108Whips, leather5
319902Leather garments207
31990200Leather garments91
31990201Aprons: welders', blacksmiths', etc.: leather22
31990202Helmets, leather3
31990203Holsters, leather79
31990204Leggings or chaps, canvas or leather, nec8
31990205Welders' jackets, leggings, and sleeves: leather4
319903Leather belting and strapping73
31990300Leather belting and strapping27
31990301Belt laces, leather6
31990302Belting for machinery: solid, twisted, flat, etc.: leather6
31990303Mill strapping for textile mills, leather4
31990304Razor strops2
31990305Safety belts, leather14
31990306Seat belts, leather2
31990307Straps, leather11
31990308Transmission belting, leather1
319999Leather goods, nec, nec155
31999901Boxes, leather15
31999902Burnt leather goods1
31999903Corners, luggage: leather4
31999904Desk sets, leather5
31999905Dog furnishings: collars, leashes, muzzles, etc.: leather81
31999906Embossed leather goods11
31999907Handles, whip or luggage: leather5
31999908Novelties, leather33