Building a graph out of building blocks to illustrate data integrity. The NAICS Association Offers the Most Comprehensive Data Solutions Available with Unmatched Accuracy.

Keep Your Customer Files Accurate!

NAICS & SIC Codes are required for various levels of state and federal compliance for businesses. Depending on your industry, having accurate NAICS and/or SIC Codes on your Customer Database can prevent unwanted federal repercussions.

Identify Your Key Markets!

NAICS & SIC Codes are one of the most popular selectors of Targeted Marketing Lists, nationwide. Adding NAICS & SIC Codes and Descriptions to your current customer database can provide you with mission-critical insight into the true identity of your best potential new customers.

  • Unmatched Accuracy! 85-99% of All Files are Successfully Appended at a High Confidence Level. Only Strong Matches are Returned!
  • Quickly and Confidently Comply with Customer Data Regulation Requirements including Patriot Act, & BSA/USAPA Risk Assessment Guidelines.
  • 28-48 hour Turnaround! (Don’t compromise your data deadlines).
  • Small investment – Big Results! For Just Pennies more, have the NAICS Association Append any of our Standard Marketing Records or any of over three Dozen Single Data Elements to your Database.

One-time Database Append

We can quickly and efficiently append vital data elements for your compliance or marketing initiatives. The simplest append includes adding NAICS and/or SIC codes & Descriptions to your existing database or choose from dozens of additional Single Data Elements.

OR for just pennies more NAICS Association can append a Standard Record Layout to your Existing Customer Database.

NAICS & SIC CODE APPEND FEE EXAMPLE (Based on 10,000 Records)

Setup Fee

Matching Fee
($100 per thousands records)

Append NAICS Codes & Descriptions
($100 per thousands records)


Step Down Pricing Available at Higher Quantities – Reduced Setup Fee for Files Under 10,000 Records

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Database Subscription Services

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With complete profiles on over 19 million US companies and 80 million businesses worldwide, we can create targeted business lists for your sales and marketing initiatives.

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