NAICS Code Description

711219 - Other Spectator Sports

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Empire Resorts IncDaily Number Inc
Golf Management Solutions LLCFairmount Park Inc
Century Golf Partners MGT LPChip Ganassi Racing
American Bath Group LLCDowners Grove Park District
Joe Gibbs Racing Inc3M Championship

This U.S. industry comprises (1) independent athletes, such as professional or semiprofessional golfers, boxers, and race car drivers, primarily engaged in participating in live sporting or racing events before a paying audience; (2) owners of racing participants, such as cars, dogs, and horses, primarily engaged in entering them in racing events or other spectator events; and (3) establishments, such as sports trainers, primarily engaged in providing specialized services required to support participants in sports events or competitions.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating racetracks are classified in U.S. Industry 711212, Racetracks;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in representing or managing the careers of sports figures are classified in Industry 711410, Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures;
  • Independent athletes engaged in providing sports instruction without participating in sporting events before a paying audience are classified in Industry 611620, Sports and Recreation Instruction;
  • Independent athletes exclusively engaged in endorsing products or making speeches are classified in Industry 711510, Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers; and
  • Establishments primarily engaged in raising horses, mules, donkeys, and other equines are classified in Industry 112920, Horses and Other Equine Production.
Index Entries for 711219
711219711219711219Athletes, amateur, independent
711219711219711219Athletes, independent (i.e., participating in live sports events)
711219711219711219Automobile racing teams
711219711219711219Boxers, independent professional
711219711219711219Dog owners, race (i.e., racing dogs)
711219711219711219Dog racing kennels
711219711219711219Drivers, harness or race car
711219711219711219Figure skaters, independent
711219711219711219Golfers, independent professional (i.e., participating in sports events)
711219711219711219Harness drivers
711219711219711219Horse racing stables
711219711219711219Jockeys, horse racing
711219711219711219Kennels, dog racing
711219711219711219Motorcycle racing teams
711219711219711219Professional athletes, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
711219711219711219Race car drivers
711219711219711219Race car owners (i.e., racing cars)
711219711219711219Race dog owners (i.e., racing dogs)
711219711219711219Racehorse owners (i.e., racing horses)
711219711219711219Racehorse trainers
711219711219711219Racehorse training
711219711219711219Racing stables, horse
711219711219711219Racing teams (e.g., automobile, motorcycle, snowmobile)
711219711219711219Referees and umpires
711219711219711219Skiers, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
711219711219711219Snowmobile racing teams
711219711219711219Sports professionals, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
711219711219711219Sports trainers, independent
711219711219711219Stables, horse racing
711219711219711219Stock car racing teams
711219711219711219Tennis professionals, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
711219711219711219Training race dogs
711219711219711219Training racehorses
711219711219711219Wrestlers, independent professional