NAICS Code Description

711212 - Racetracks

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Churchill Downs IncorporatedNyra Inc
Delaware N Cmpnies Gming EntrmNational Hot Rod Association
Nascar Holdings LLCDelaware Racing Association
International Speedway CorpInternational Turf Inv Co
Speedway Motorsports LLCDover Motorsports Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating racetracks. These establishments may also present and/or promote the events, such as auto, dog, and horse races, held in these facilities.


  • Owners of racing participants, such as cars, dogs, and horses, primarily engaged in entering them in racing events; trainers of racing participants; and independent athletes, such as jockeys and race car drivers, primarily engaged in participating in racing events are classified in U.S. Industry 711219, Other Spectator Sports; and
  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating stand-alone casinos are classified in Industry 713210, Casinos (except Casino Hotels).
Index Entries for 711212
711212711212711212Automobile racetracks
711212711212711212Dog racetracks
711212711212711212Drag strips
711212711212711212Greyhound dog racetracks
711212711212711212Harness racetracks
711212711212711212Horse racetracks
711212711212711212Motorcycle racetracks
711212711212711212Racetracks (e.g., automobile, dog, horse)
711212711212711212Snowmobile racetracks
711212711212711212Stock car racetracks
711212711212711212Thoroughbred racetracks