711510 Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers

Top 10 Companies for 711510:

This industry comprises independent (i.e., freelance) individuals primarily engaged in performing in artistic productions, in creating artistic and cultural works or productions, or in providing technical expertise necessary for these productions. This industry also includes athletes and other celebrities exclusively engaged in endorsing products and making speeches or public appearances for which they receive a fee.

Illustrative Examples:

Independent actors or actresses
Independent producers
Independent art restorers
Independent recording technicians
Independent artists (except musical, commercial, or medical)
Independent speakers
Independent cartoonists
Independent theatrical costume designers
Independent dancers
Independent theatrical lighting technicians
Independent journalists
Independent technical writers


  • Freelance musicians and vocalists are classified in Industry 711130, Musical Groups and Artists;
  • Independent commercial artists and graphic designers are classified in Industry 541430, Graphic Design Services; and
  • Artisans and craftspersons are classified in Sector 31-33, Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 711510
Actors, independent
Actresses, independent
Animated cartoon artists, independent
Announcers, independent radio and television
Art restorers, independent
Artists (except commercial, musical), independent
Artists (i.e., painters), independent
Authors, independent
Ballet dancers, independent
Cameramen, independent (freelance)
Cartoonists, independent
Celebrity spokespersons, independent
Choreographers, independent
Cinematographers, independent
Comedians, independent
Composers, independent
Conductors, independent
Conservators (i.e., art, artifact restorers), independent
Costume designers, independent theatrical
Dancers, independent
Directors (i.e., film, motion picture, music, theatrical), independent
Directors, independent motion picture
Directors, independent music
Disc jockeys, independent
Entertainers, independent
Ethnic dancers, independent
Film actors, independent
Film producers, independent
Folk dancers, independent
Ghost writers, independent
Independent technical writers
Interpretive dancers, independent
Jazz dancers, independent
Journalists, independent (freelance)
Lecturers, independent
Lighting technicians, theatrical, independent
Magicians, independent
Models, independent
Motion picture directors, independent
Motion picture producers, independent
Motivational speakers, independent
Music arrangers, independent
Music directors, independent
News correspondents, independent (freelance)
Newspaper columnists, independent (freelance)
Orchestra conductors, independent
Painters (i.e., artists), independent
Painting restorers, independent
Performers (i.e., entertainers), independent
Performing artists, independent
Photographers, independent artistic
Photojournalists, independent (freelance)
Playwrights, independent
Poets, independent
Political cartoonists, independent
Producers, independent
Radio commentators, independent
Record producers, independent
Recording technicians, independent
Reporters, independent (freelance)
Scenery designers, independent theatrical
Screenplay writers, independent
Script writers, independent
Sculptors, independent
Set designers, independent theatrical
Sketch artists, independent
Song writers, independent
Speakers, independent
Special effect technicians, independent
Sports announcers, independent
Stage set (e.g., concert, motion picture, television) erecting and dismantling, independent
Standup comedians, independent
Storytellers, independent
Taxidermists, independent
Technical writers, independent
Television producers, independent
Wildlife artists, independent
Writers of advertising copy, independent
Writers, independent (freelance)