533110 Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (except Copyrighted Works)

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in assigning rights to assets, such as patents, trademarks, brand names, and/or franchise agreements, for which a royalty payment or licensing fee is paid to the asset holder.

  • Establishments primarily engaged in producing, reproducing, and/or distributing copyrighted works are classified in Sector 51, Information;
  • Independent artists, writers, and performers primarily engaged in creating copyrighted works are classified in Industry 711510, Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in leasing real property are classified in Subsector 531, Real Estate;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in leasing tangible assets, such as automobiles, computers, consumer goods, and industrial machinery and equipment, are classified in Subsector 532, Rental and Leasing Services; and
  • Establishments that allow franchisees the use of the franchise name, contingent on the franchisee buying products or services from the franchisor, are classified elsewhere.
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533110 533110 533110  Brand name licensing
533110 533110 533110  Franchise agreements, leasing, selling or licensing, without providing other services
533110 533110 533110  Industrial design licensing
533110 533110 533110  Oil royalty companies
533110 533110 533110  Oil royalty leasing
533110 533110 533110  Oil royalty traders (except for own account)
533110 533110 533110  Patent buying and licensing
533110 533110 533110  Patent leasing
533110 533110 533110  Performance rights, licensing of
533110 533110 533110  Trademark licensing