NAICS Code Description

483 - Water Transportation

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Kirby CorporationPrincess Cruise Lines Ltd
Carnival CorporationCrowley Holdings Inc
Matson Navigation Company IncSeabulk International Inc
American Commercial Lines IncSafari Parent Inc
Acbl Holding CorporationPangaea Lgistics Solutions Ltd

Industries in the Water Transportation subsector provide water transportation of passengers and cargo using watercraft, such as ships, barges, and boats.

The subsector is composed of two industry groups: (1) one for deep sea, coastal, and Great Lakes; and (2) one for inland water transportation. This split typically reflects the difference in equipment used.

Scenic and sightseeing water transportation services are not included in this subsector but are included in Subsector 487, Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation. Although these activities use watercraft, they are different from the activities included in water transportation. Water sightseeing does not usually involve place-to-place transportation; the passenger's trip starts and ends at the same location.

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