NAICS Code Description

311999 - All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing

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General Mills IncKerry Inc
Treehouse Foods IncTc Heartland LLC
Medifast IncWawona Frozen Foods
Sensient Technologies CorpImperfect Foods Inc
Simply Good Foods CompanyBay Valley Foods LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing food (except animal food; grain and oilseed milling; sugar and confectionery products; preserved fruits, vegetables, and specialties; dairy products; meat products; seafood products; bakeries and tortillas; snack foods; coffee and tea; flavoring syrups and concentrates; seasonings and dressings; and perishable prepared food). Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in mixing purchased dried and/or dehydrated ingredients including those mixing purchased dried and/or dehydrated ingredients for soup mixes and bouillon.

Illustrative Examples:

Baking powder manufacturing
Cake frosting, prepared, manufacturing
Dessert puddings manufacturing
Sweetening syrups (except pure maple) manufacturing
Egg substitutes manufacturing
Gelatin dessert preparations manufacturing
Honey processing
Powdered drink mixes (except chocolate, coffee, tea, or milk based) manufacturing
Popcorn (except popped) manufacturing
Yeast manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing animal foods--are classified in Industry Group 3111, Animal Food Manufacturing;
  • Milling grains and oilseeds--are classified in Industry Group 3112, Grain and Oilseed Milling;
  • Manufacturing sugar and confectionery products--are classified in Industry Group 3113, Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing;
  • Preserving fruit, vegetable, and specialty foods--are classified in Industry Group 3114, Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing dairy products--are classified in Industry Group 3115, Dairy Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing meat products--are classified in Industry Group 3116, Animal Slaughtering and Processing;
  • Manufacturing seafood products--are classified in Industry Group 3117, Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging;
  • Manufacturing bakery products and tortillas--are classified in Industry Group 3118, Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing snack foods--are classified in Industry 31191, Snack Food Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing coffee and tea--are classified in Industry 31192, Coffee and Tea Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing flavoring syrups and concentrates (except coffee-based)--are classified in Industry 31193, Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing seasonings and dressings--are classified in Industry 31194, Seasoning and Dressing Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing perishable prepared foods--are classified in U.S. Industry 311991, Perishable Prepared Food Manufacturing;
  • Milling rice and packaging it with other ingredients--are classified in U.S. Industry 311212, Rice Milling;
  • Manufacturing dry pasta and packaging it with ingredients--are classified in U.S. Industry 311824, Dry Pasta, Dough, and Flour Mixes Manufacturing from Purchased Flour; and
  • Drying and/or dehydrating ingredients and packaging them with other purchased ingredients--are classified in U.S. Industry 311423, Dried and Dehydrated Food Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 311999
311999311999311999Almond pastes manufacturing
311999311999311999Baking powder manufacturing
311999311999311999Bread crumbs not made in bakeries
311999311999311999Cake frosting manufacturing
311999311999311999Chinese noodles, fried, manufacturing
311999311999311999Cocktail mixes, dry, manufacturing
311999311999311999Coconut, desiccated and shredded, manufacturing
311999311999311999Corn syrups made from purchased sweeteners
311999311999311999Drink powder mixes (except chocolate, coffee, milk based, tea) manufacturing
311999311999311999Egg substitutes manufacturing
311999311999311999Eggs, processed, manufacturing
311999311999311999Fillings, cake or pie (except fruits, meat, vegetables), manufacturing
311999311999311999Frosting, prepared, manufacturing
311999311999311999Gelatin dessert preparations manufacturing
311999311999311999Gelatin for cooking manufacturing
311999311999311999Honey processing
311999311999311999Maple syrup mixing into other products
311999311999311999Noodle mixes made from purchased dry ingredients
311999311999311999Noodles, fried, manufacturing
311999311999311999Pancake syrups (except pure maple) manufacturing
311999311999311999Pasta mixes made from purchased dry ingredients
311999311999311999Popcorn (except popped) manufacturing
311999311999311999Potato mixes made from purchased dry ingredients
311999311999311999Powdered drink mixes (except chocolate, coffee, tea, milk based) manufacturing
311999311999311999Powders, baking, manufacturing
311999311999311999Puddings, canned dessert, manufacturing
311999311999311999Puddings, dessert, manufacturing
311999311999311999Rice mixes (i.e., uncooked and packaged with other ingredients) made from purchased rice and dry ingredients
311999311999311999Sorghum syrup manufacturing
311999311999311999Soup mixes, dry, made from purchased dry ingredients
311999311999311999Sweetening syrups (except pure maple) manufacturing
311999311999311999Syrup, corn (except wet milled), manufacturing
311999311999311999Syrup, sweetening (except pure maple), manufacturing
311999311999311999Syrup, table, artificially flavored, manufacturing
311999311999311999Yeast manufacturing