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Add Legal Status Indicators to Your Database

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Use Our Legal Status Append Service to Identify Legal Business Structures and More:

Do You Have Products or Services Directly Targeted to Businesses based on their Business Structure?

Append Legal Statuses to your current customer database for an in-depth view of the businesses you work with.

CPAs: Improve your marketing strategies. When purchasing a list of potential CPA/Accounting customers, append Legal Statuses to that list to improve your targeting and segmentation efforts.

A Legal Status Append is a Valuable Resource

Appending Legal Statuses to your Database can give you a more complete view of who your customers are and how they are structured.

Append Legal Statuses to your database to get a more detailed view of your current market, or to create custom targeted segments for your marketing and advertising goals.

With nearly 20 Legal Statuses applying to Entities domestically, you can uncover a wealth of firmographic data.

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Legal Statuses are just one of many Firmographic Data Elements we can add to your Customer Files.

A Complete List of Legal Statuses:

Exempt Limited Liability Co.
Open Stock Corporation
Local Government Body
Government Owned Co.
Joint Venture
Limited Partnership

Limited Liability
Government Body
Non Profit Org.
Private Limited Co.
Foreign Company
Public Limited Co.
Foreign Branch

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We are happy to process a small file at no cost to show the accuracy and efficiency of our service. That is why NAICS Association is the Go-To Data Append Company for businesses of all types.

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• Exceptional Match Rates – 80%-99% of All Records are Appended at a High Confidence Level.

• Superior Accuracy – Loose Matches are Eliminated. Only Strong Matches Returned!

• Same or Next Day Turnaround on Most Orders.

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Legal Status Indicators Can Be Included on Any of Our Standard Record Layouts:

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