Data Verification & NCOA

Don’t Just Verify Data, Enhance It!

Cleanse your Current Customer Database of Outdated or Erroneous Data
Update Client Information & More!

Ensure the Accuracy of Company Names, Mailing Addresses, Phone Numbers & Other Demographic Data for your Customers.

Maximize the Efficiency and Accuracy of your Sales and Marketing Initiatives with Standardized and Normalized business names.

Keep Mailing Addresses Current & CASS Certified for Businesses that Move Location with our NCOA (National Change of Address) Update Service.

Optimize and Elevate your Customer Information

Time for Review - ClockIncomplete and Erroneous Customer Data can Result in Thousands of Dollars in Wasted Marketing Efforts and Lost Opportunities. The NAICS Association can provide you with Updated & Complete Customer Records for your Business and Marketing Initiatives.With NAICS Data Verification 2.0 you have the information needed to:

  • Eliminate Duplicate Mailings and Unnecessary Costs.
  • Integrate Data from Multiple Sources with Varied Attributes into one Robust Client File.
  • Identify New Revenue Sources and Opportunities
  • Separate Your Greatest Opportunities from the rest for a Laser-Focused Marketing Initiative.

Setup Fee

Matching Fee
$1,000($100 per thousands records)

Append NAICS Codes & Descriptions
($100 per thousands records)


Step Down Pricing Available at Higher Quantities. Fill Out the Form Below to Request a Quote.

Pricing Structure – Basic Cleanse & NAICS Code Append to 10,000 Record Database
Setup Fee: $1,000
Match Fee ($100 per thousand): $1,000
Append NAICS Codes & Descriptions ($100 per thousand): $1,000
Total: $3,000
Need More Data Appended?

For just pennies more, The NAICS Association can append Full Marketing Records including Mailing, Telemarketing, Enhanced Telemarketing and Prospecting Records to your Existing Customer Database. Click to View Available Record Layouts.

Other Mission-Critical Data Fields

We can append any of over three dozen single data elements to your customer database including Annual Sales, Employees Total or at the Site, Corporate Linkage, Legal Status, Executive Contact Information and More.
Click to View Available Single Data Elements

Annual Database Cleanse & Append Subscriptions

Whether you need to keep your marketing initiatives up to date, or never want to fall short on a compliance audit, a subscription-based database append program allows you unlimited batch appends over the course of a year.