Add Corporate Linkage Data to Your Database

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Use Our Corporate Linkage Append Service to:

  • Reveal Cross-Selling Opportunities.
  • Avoid Expensive and Time-Consuming Research.
  • Access Records for up to 4 million Corporate Family Trees and 14 Million Linked Companies.
  • Identify the Non-Buying Subsidiaries, Branches, and Divisions of your Customers.

Corporate Linkage Data is just one of many Firmographic Data Elements we can add to your Customer Files.

Corporate Linkage Classifications:

Single Location Subsidiary – A single location with a parent company owning more than 50% of its stock.

Headquarters – A business with other branches or divisions that report to it that is financially responsible for those locations. If it has more than 50% of its stock owned by another business, it is also a subsidiary. If it owns more than 50% of stock of another company, then it is also a parent company.

Branch/Division– A branch is a secondary location of its headquarters. A branch has no legal responsibility for its debts. A division also has a branch code.

Subsidiary – A subsidiary is a corporation with more than 50% of its stock owned by another corporation that has a different legal business name than its parent company.

Parent – A parent is a corporation that owns more than 50% of another corporation’s stock. It may also be a subsidiary of another business. If the parent company has branches, it is also a headquarters.

Domestic Ultimate – The Domestic Ultimate is a subsidiary within the global family tree that is the highest-ranking member within a specific country.

Global Ultimate –The Global Ultimate is the top most responsible entity within the corporate family tree.

Complete Form to Receive a Price Quote or Call (973) 625-5626.

We are happy to process a small file at no cost to show the accuracy and efficiency of our service. That is why NAICS Association is the Go-To Data Append Company for businesses of all types.

Give us a try – We will impress!

• Exceptional Match Rates – 80%-99% of All Records are Appended at a High Confidence Level.

• Superior Accuracy – Loose Matches are Eliminated. Only Strong Matches Returned!

• Same or Next Day Turnaround on Most Orders.

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Corporate Linkage Can Be Included on our
Standard Prospecting Record Layout


A steeply rising bar graph to illustrate how your sales are likely to climb go when you utilize our prospecting records!


Prospecting Record Layout

  • DUNS Number
  • Business Name
  • Tradestyle Name
  • Street Address
  • Top Contact Name/Title
  • Line of Business
  • 2 Four Digit SIC Codes & Descriptions
  • 2 Eight Digit SIC Codes & Descriptions
  • 6 Six Digit NAICS Codes & Descriptions
  • Telephone Number
  • Site Status (HQ, Branch, SL)
  • Year Started
  • Sales Volume
  • Total Employees
  • Employees on Site
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