95 - Administration of Environmental Quality and Housing Programs
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
95Administration of Environmental Quality and Housing Programs29,941
9511Air, Water, and Solid Waste Management6,479
951100Air, water, and solid waste management2,698
95110000Air, water, and solid waste management2,698
951101Environmental agencies727
95110100Environmental agencies220
95110101Air pollution control agency, government131
95110102Environmental protection agency, government281
95110103Environmental quality and control agency, government95
951102Waste management agencies1,827
95110200Waste management agencies264
95110201Sanitary engineering agency, government117
95110202Waste management program administration, government510
95110203Water control and quality agency, government799
95110204Water pollution control agency, government137
951104Air, water, and solid waste management, level of government1,227
95110400Air, water, and solid waste management, level of government10
95110401Air, water, and solid waste management, Federal government17
95110402Air, water, and solid waste management, State government91
95110403Air, water, and solid waste management, County government316
95110404AIr, water, and solid waste management, Local government793
9512Land, Mineral, and Wildlife Conservation14,189
951200Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation4,843
95120000Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation4,843
951201Wildlife conservation agencies1,317
95120100Wildlife conservation agencies229
95120101Fish and wildlife conservation agency, government954
95120102Game and inland fish agency, government134
951202Land conservation agencies3,875
95120200Land conservation agencies865
95120201Land management agency, government330
95120202Soil conservation services, government2,649
95120203Wind and water erosion control agency, government31
951204Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, level of government983
95120400Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, level of government5
95120401Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, Federal government300
95120402Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, State government308
95120403Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, County government186
95120404Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, Local government184
951299Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, nec3,171
95129901Conservation and stabilization agency, government181
95129902Recreational program administration, government2,990
9531Housing Programs7,273
953100Housing programs2,218
95310000Housing programs2,218
953104Housing programs, level of government870
95310400Housing programs, level of government8
95310401Housing programs, Federal government38
95310402Housing programs, State government39
95310403Housing programs, County government149
95310404Housing programs, Local government636
953199Housing programs, nec4,185
95319901Building standards agency, government125
95319902Housing agency, government622
95319903Housing authority, nonoperating: government3,260
95319904Housing programs, planning and development: government178
9532Urban and Community Development2,000
953200Urban and community development724
95320000Urban and community development724
953201Community and rural development570
95320100Community and rural development112
95320101Community planning and development agency, government201
95320102County planning and development agency, government239
95320103Rural planning and development agency, government18
953202Urban renewal and development76
95320200Urban renewal and development23
95320201Urban planning and development commission, government42
95320202Urban renewal agency, government11
953204Urban and community development, level of government346
95320400Urban and community development, level of government12
95320401Urban and community development, Federal government12
95320402Urban and community development, State government35
95320403Urban and community development, County government120
95320404Urban and community development, Local government167
953299Urban and community development, nec284
95329901Land redevelopment agency, government80
95329902Zoning board or commission, government204