Industry: 9531—Administration of Housing Programs
Government establishments primarily engaged in planning, administration and research for housing programs. Insurance and finance are classified in Finance, Division H. The operation and rental of apartments and houses is classified in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, Industry Group 651.

Building standards agencies—governmentHousing authorities, nonoperating—government
Housing agencies, nonoperating—governmentPlanning and development of housing programs—government
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
9531Housing Programs7,081
953100Housing programs1,994
95310000Housing programs1,994
953104Housing programs, level of government835
95310400Housing programs, level of government10
95310401Housing programs, Federal government72
95310402Housing programs, State government39
95310403Housing programs, County government142
95310404Housing programs, Local government572
953199Housing programs, nec4,252
95319901Building standards agency, government127
95319902Housing agency, government383
95319903Housing authority, nonoperating: government3,584
95319904Housing programs, planning and development: government158