SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9512—Land, Mineral, Wildlife, and Forest Conservation
Government establishments primarily engaged in regulation, supervision and control of land use, including recreational areas; conservation and preservation of natural resources; control of wind and water erosion; and the administration and protection of publicly and privately owned forest lands, including pest control. Planning, management, regulation, and conservation of game, fish, and wildlife populations, including wildlife management areas and field stations; and other matters relating to the protection of fish, game, and wildlife are also classified here. Parks are classified in Services, Industry 7999. Operators of forest property are classified in Forestry, Industry 0811. Operators of game or fish preserves are classified in Major Group 09. Private membership establishments primarily engaged in promoting conservation of wildlife and protection of animals are classified in Services, Division I.

Conservation and stabilization agencies—governmentRecreational program administration—government
Fish and wildlife conservation—governmentSoil conservation services—government
Game and inland fish agencies—governmentWildlife conservation agencies—government
Land management agencies—governmentWind and water erosion control agencies—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9512Land, Mineral, and Wildlife Conservation15,532
951200Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation729
95120000Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation729
951201Wildlife conservation agencies1,915
95120100Wildlife conservation agencies206
95120101Fish and wildlife conservation agency, government1,557
95120102Game and inland fish agency, government152
951202Land conservation agencies3,640
95120200Land conservation agencies917
95120201Land management agency, government386
95120202Soil conservation services, government2,313
95120203Wind and water erosion control agency, government24
951204Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, level of government5,587
95120400Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, level of government4
95120401Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, Federal government1,178
95120402Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, State government3,616
95120403Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, County government337
95120404Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, Local government452
951299Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation, nec3,661
95129901Conservation and stabilization agency, government132
95129902Recreational program administration, government3,529