SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9532—Administration of Urban Planning and Community and Rural Development
Government establishments primarily engaged in planning, administration, and research for the development of urban and rural areas, including programs for slum clearance, community redevelopment, urban renewal and land clearance. Also included are zoning boards and commissions. Private establishments primarily engaged in urban planning, rural planning, and community development planning are classified in Services, Major Group 87.

Community development agencies—governmentUrban planning commissions—government
County development agencies—governmentUrban renewal agencies—government
Redevelopment land agencies—governmentZoning boards and commissions
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9532Urban and Community Development2,380
953200Urban and community development418
95320000Urban and community development418
953201Community and rural development778
95320100Community and rural development124
95320101Community planning and development agency, government330
95320102County planning and development agency, government303
95320103Rural planning and development agency, government21
953202Urban renewal and development67
95320200Urban renewal and development19
95320201Urban planning and development commission, government40
95320202Urban renewal agency, government8
953204Urban and community development, level of government714
95320400Urban and community development, level of government5
95320401Urban and community development, Federal government7
95320402Urban and community development, State government51
95320403Urban and community development, County government239
95320404Urban and community development, Local government412
953299Urban and community development, nec403
95329901Land redevelopment agency, government104
95329902Zoning board or commission, government299