NAICS Code Description

812990 - All Other Personal Services

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Angi IncIhs Global Inc
Ihs IncBridge Inc
Collegiate Housing FoundationAscend One Corporation
Knot Worldwide IncGreenpath Inc
Xo Group IncColorvision International Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing personal services (except personal care services, death care services, drycleaning and laundry services, pet care services, photofinishing services, or parking space and/or valet parking services).

Illustrative Examples:

Bail bonding or bondsperson services
Shoeshine services
Coin- or card-operated personal services machine (e.g., blood pressure, locker, photographic, scale, shoeshine) concession operators
Social escort services
Consumer buying services
Wedding planning services
Dating services
Personal fitness training services

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing personal care services--are classified in Industry Group 8121, Personal Care Services;
  • Providing death care services--are classified in Industry Group 8122, Death Care Services;
  • Providing drycleaning and laundry services--are classified in Industry Group 8123, Drycleaning and Laundry Services;
  • Providing pet care (except veterinary) services--are classified in Industry 812910, Pet Care (except Veterinary) Services;
  • Practicing veterinary medicine--are classified in Industry 541940, Veterinary Services;
  • Providing photofinishing services--are classified in Industry 81292, Photofinishing;
  • Providing parking space for motor vehicles and/or valet parking services--are classified in Industry 812930, Parking Lots and Garages; and
  • Providing non-medical home care or homemaker services for the elderly or persons with disabilities--are classified in Industry 624120, Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.
Index Entries for 812990
812990812990812990812990Astrology services
812990812990812990812990Baby shoe bronzing services
812990812990812990812990Bail bonding services
812990812990812990812990Balloon-o-gram services
812990812990812990812990Blood pressure testing machine concession operators, coin- or card-operated
812990812990812990812990Bondsperson services
812990812990812990812990Check room services
812990812990812990812990Coin- or card-operated personal service machine (e.g., blood pressure, locker, photographic, scale, shoeshine) concession operators
812990812990812990812990Comfort station operation
812990812990812990812990Concierge services
812990812990812990812990Consumer buying services
812990812990812990812990Credit card notification services (i.e., lost or stolen card reporting)
812990812990812990812990Dating services
812990812990812990812990Discount buying services, including medical cards and similar negotiated discount plans for individuals
812990812990812990812990Doula services (providing coaching and support during childbirth)
812990812990812990812990Escort services, social
812990812990812990812990Fortune-telling services
812990812990812990812990Genealogical investigation services
812990812990812990812990House sitting services
812990812990812990812990Identity theft protection services
812990812990812990812990Introduction services, social
812990812990812990812990Lockers, coin- or card-operated, rental
812990812990812990812990Numerology services
812990Online dating services (through a website or mobile application)
812990Organizer services, personal
812990812990812990812990Palm reading services
812990812990812990812990Party planning services
812990812990812990812990Pay telephone equipment concession operators
812990812990812990812990Personal chef services
812990812990812990812990Personal fitness training services
812990812990812990812990Personal organizer services
812990812990812990812990Personal shopping services
812990812990812990812990Photographic machine concession operators, coin- or card-operated
812990812990812990812990Porter services
812990812990812990812990Psychic services
812990812990812990812990Rest room operation
812990812990812990812990Shoeshine parlors
812990812990812990812990Shoeshine services
812990812990812990812990Shopping services, personal
812990812990812990812990Singing telegram services
812990812990812990812990Sitting services, house
812990812990812990812990Social escort services
812990812990812990812990Telegram services, singing
812990812990812990812990Wedding chapels (except churches)
812990812990812990812990Wedding planning services