NAICS Code Description

541940 - Veterinary Services

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Idexx Laboratories IncBest Friends Pet Care Inc
Veternary Spcalists N Amer LLCVCA Animal Hospitals Inc
Reading Hospital Services IncDirect Vet Marketing Inc
Bluepearl Operations LLCRover Group Inc
Medvet Associates LLCA Caring Doctor Minnesota PA

This industry comprises establishments of licensed veterinary practitioners primarily engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, dentistry, or surgery for animals; and establishments primarily engaged in providing testing services for licensed veterinary practitioners.

Illustrative Examples:

Animal hospitals
Veterinary clinics
Veterinarians' offices
Veterinary testing laboratories

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing veterinary research and development services--are classified in Industry 54171, Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences;
  • Providing nonveterinary pet care services, such as boarding or grooming pets--are classified in Industry 812910, Pet Care (except Veterinary) Services;
  • Providing animal breeding services or boarding horses--are classified in Industry 115210, Support Activities for Animal Production; and
  • Transporting pets--are classified in U.S. Industry 485991, Special Needs Transportation.
Index Entries for 541940
541940541940541940Animal hospitals
541940541940541940Disease testing services, veterinary
541940541940541940Hospitals, animal
541940541940541940Internists' offices, veterinary
541940541940541940Laboratory testing services, veterinary
541940541940541940Livestock inspecting and testing services, veterinary
541940541940541940Livestock veterinary services
541940541940541940Pet hospitals
541940541940541940Small animal veterinary services
541940541940541940Surgeons' offices, veterinary
541940541940541940Surgery services, veterinary
541940541940541940Testing laboratories, veterinary
541940541940541940Testing services for veterinarians
541940541940541940Vaccination services, veterinary
541940541940541940Veterinarians' offices
541940541940541940Veterinarians' practices
541940541940541940Veterinary clinics
541940541940541940Veterinary services
541940541940541940Veterinary services, livestock
541940541940541940Veterinary services, pets and other animal specialties
541940541940541940Veterinary testing laboratories