NAICS Code Description

115210 - Support Activities for Animal Production

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This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in performing support activities related to raising livestock (e.g., cattle, goats, hogs, horses, poultry, sheep). These establishments may perform one or more of the following: (1) breeding services for animals, including companion animals (e.g., cats, dogs, pet birds); (2) pedigree record services; (3) boarding horses; (4) dairy herd improvement activities; (5) livestock spraying; and (6) sheep dipping and shearing.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in raising companion animals (e.g., cats, dogs, pet birds) for sale are classified in Industry 112990, All Other Animal Production.
Index Entries for 115210
115210115210115210Animal semen banks
115210115210115210Artificial insemination services for livestock
115210115210115210Artificial insemination services for pets
115210115210115210Boarding horses (except racehorses)
115210115210115210Breeding, animal, services
115210115210115210Bull testing stations
115210115210115210Cattle spraying
115210115210115210Cleaning poultry houses
115210115210115210Corralling, drovers
115210115210115210Dairy herd improvement associations
115210115210115210Equine boarding
115210115210115210Hoof trimming
115210115210115210Horses (except racehorses), boarding
115210115210115210Horses, training (except racehorses)
115210115210115210Livestock breeding services (except consulting)
115210115210115210Livestock spraying
115210115210115210Milk testing for butterfat and milk solids
115210115210115210Pedigree (i.e., livestock, pets, poultry) record services
115210115210115210Poultry catching services
115210115210115210Reproductive flushing services for animals
115210115210115210Semen collection
115210115210115210Sheep dipping and shearing
115210115210115210Showing of cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and poultry
115210115210115210Stud services
115210115210115210Training horses (except racehorses)
115210115210115210Vaccinating livestock (except by veterinarians)

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Cooperative Resources Intl IncShawanoWI
Midwest Poultry Services LPMentoneIN
Genex CooperativeShawanoWI
Inguran LLCNavasotaTX
ABS Global IncDeforestWI
Reliable Poultry Supply IncSpringdaleAR
Dairy One Cooperative IncIthacaNY
Coba/Select Sires IncColumbusOH