NAICS Code Description

8123 - Drycleaning and Laundry Services

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Aramark Unf & Career AP LLCRfid Corporation
Cintas Corporation No 1Gea North America Inc
Ameripride Services IncMission Linen Supply
Coinmach Holdings LLCRfid Textile Services Inc
Coinmach Laundry CorporationA & P Coat Apron & Lin Sup Inc

This industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating coin-operated or similar self-service laundries and drycleaners; providing drycleaning and laundry services (except coin-operated); and supplying, on a rental or contract basis, laundered items (e.g., uniforms, gowns, shop towels, etc.). Included in this industry group are establishments primarily engaged in supplying and servicing coin-operated laundry and drycleaning equipment in places of business operated by others, such as apartments and dormitories.

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