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562910 - Remediation Services

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Amentum Government Svcs IncUses Corp
Fleetwash IncBrandenburg Industrial Svc Co
Northstar Group Holdings LLCWashington Savannah River LLC
National Response CorporationSevenson Envmtl Svcs Inc
Hepaco LLCGlobal Diving & Salvage Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) remediation and cleanup of contaminated buildings, mine sites, soil, or ground water; (2) integrated mine reclamation activities, including demolition, soil remediation, waste water treatment, hazardous material removal, contouring land, and revegetation; and (3) asbestos, lead paint, and other toxic material abatement.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Environmental engineering services--are classified in Industry 541330, Engineering Services;
  • Developing remedial action plans--are classified in Industry 541620, Environmental Consulting Services;
  • Providing janitorial services, including for transportation equipment (e.g., aircraft, rail cars, ships)--are classified in Industry 561720, Janitorial Services;
  • Pumping (i.e., cleaning) cesspools, portable toilets, and septic tanks or renting portable toilets--are classified in U.S. Industry 562991, Septic Tank and Related Services;
  • Fire and flood restoration of buildings--are classified in Subsector 236, Construction of Buildings;
  • Excavating soil--are classified in Industry 238910, Site Preparation Contractors;
  • Individual activities as part of a reclamation, remediation, or restoration project--are classified according to the primary activity;
  • Building modifications to alleviate radon gas--are classified in Industry 238990, All Other Specialty Trade Contractors; and
  • Collecting, treating, and disposing waste water through sewer systems or sewage treatment facilities--are classified in Industry 221320, Sewage Treatment Facilities.
Index Entries for 562910
562910562910562910562910Asbestos abatement services
562910562910562910562910Asbestos removal contractors
562910562910562910562910Biohazard cleanup services
562910562910562910562910Crime scene cleanup services
562910562910562910562910Environmental remediation services
562910562910562910562910Hazardous material storage tank removal and disposal services
562910562910562910562910Lead paint abatement services
562910562910562910562910Lead paint removal contractors
562910562910562910562910Mine reclamation services, integrated (e.g., demolition, hazardous material removal, soil remediation, revegetation)
562910562910562910562910Mold remediation services
562910562910562910562910Oil spill cleanup services
562910Radon remediation cleanup services
562910562910562910562910Remediation and cleanup of contaminated buildings, mine sites, soil, or ground water
562910562910562910562910Remediation services, environmental
562910562910562910562910Site remediation services
562910562910562910562910Soil remediation services
562910562910562910562910Toxic material abatement services
562910562910562910562910Toxic material removal contractors