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455110 - Department Stores

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Walmart IncBurlington Stores Inc
Target CorporationMeijer Companies Ltd
Macys IncDillards Inc
Kohls CorporationSears Roebuck and Co
Old Copper Company IncMariposa Intrmdate Hldings LLC

This industry comprises establishments generally known as department stores that have separate departments for general lines of new merchandise, such as apparel, jewelry, home furnishings, and toys, with no one merchandise line predominating. Department stores may sell perishable groceries, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, but such sales are insignificant. Department stores with fixed point-of-sale locations may have separate customer checkout areas in each department, central customer checkout areas, or both.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Retailing apparel without a significant amount of housewares or general merchandise--are classified in Industry 458110, Clothing and Clothing Accessories Retailers;
  • Retailing a general line of merchandise in combination with a significant amount and variety of perishable groceries, generally known as warehouse clubs, superstores, or supercenters--are classified in U.S. Industry 455211, Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters;
  • Retailing a general line of merchandise and not generally known as department stores, warehouse clubs, superstores, or supercenters--are classified in U.S. Industry 455219, All Other General Merchandise Retailers; and
  • Retailing used merchandise--are classified in Industry 459510, Used Merchandise Retailers.
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