NAICS Code Description

339930 - Doll, Toy, and Game Manufacturing

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Hasbro IncStep2 Discovery LLC
Mattel IncWizards of Coast LLC
Funko IncDorel USA Inc
Jakks Pacific IncArrow International Inc
Lego Systems IncMega Brands America Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing complete dolls, doll parts, doll clothes, action figures, toys, games (including electronic, such as gaming consoles and devices and handheld video games), hobby kits, and children's vehicles (except metal bicycles and tricycles).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing metal tricycles and bicycles--are classified in U.S. Industry 336991, Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Parts Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing sporting and athletic goods--are classified in Industry 339920, Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing coin- or card-operated game machines--are classified in U.S. Industry 339999, All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing electronic video game cartridges and reproducing video game software--are classified in Industry 334610, Manufacturing and Reproducing Magnetic and Optical Media; and
  • Publishing or publishing and reproducing game software--are classified in Industry 513210, Software Publishers.
Index Entries for 339930
339931339930339930339930Action figures manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Automobiles, children's, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Balls, rubber (except athletic equipment), manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Carriages, baby, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Carriages, doll, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Checkers and checkerboards manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Chessmen and chessboards manufacturing
339931339930339930339930Clothing, doll, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Craft and hobby kits and sets manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Darts and dart games manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Dishes, toy, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Doll carriages and carts manufacturing
339931339930339930339930Doll clothing manufacturing
339931339930339930339930Dolls, doll parts, and doll clothing (except wigs) manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Electronic toys and games manufacturing
339930Electronic video games, handheld, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Embroidery kits manufacturing
33993339930339930339930Games (except coin- or card-operated), children's and adult, manufacturing
339930Gaming consoles manufacturing
33993339930339930339930Gocarts, children's, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Hobbyhorses manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Kites manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Marbles manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Model kits manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Model railroad manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Models, toy and hobby (e.g., airplane, boat, ship), manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Musical instruments, toy, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Railroad models, hobby and toy, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Rifles, toy, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Rocking horses manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Science kits (e.g., chemistry sets, microscopes, natural science sets) manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Scooters, children's, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Sleds, children's, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Strollers, baby, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Structural toy sets manufacturing
339931339930339930339930Stuffed toys (including animals) manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Toy furniture and household-type equipment manufacturing
33993339930339930339930Toys manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Trains and equipment, toy, electric or mechanical, manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Tricycles (except metal) manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Vehicles, children's (except bicycles and metal tricycles), manufacturing
339930Video game devices manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Video game machines (except coin- or card-operated) manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Wagons, children's (e.g., coaster, express, and play), manufacturing
339932339930339930339930Walkers, baby (vehicles), manufacturing