NAICS Code Description

721110 - Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels

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Marriott International IncSix Continents Hotels Inc
Caesars Entertainment IncWyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc
Travel + Leisure CoCarlson Inc
Hyatt Hotels CorporationPark Hotels & Resorts Inc
Hilton Grand Vacations IncLa Quinta Holdings Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing short-term lodging in facilities known as hotels, motor hotels, resort hotels, and motels. The establishments in this industry may offer food and beverage services, recreational services, conference rooms, convention services, laundry services, parking, and other services.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing short-term lodging with a casino on the premises--are classified in Industry 721120, Casino Hotels; and
  • Providing short-term lodging in facilities known as bed-and-breakfast inns, youth hostels, housekeeping cabins and cottages, and tourist homes--are classified in Industry 72119, Other Traveler Accommodation.
Index Entries for 721110
721110721110721110Alpine skiing facilities with accommodations (i.e., ski resorts)
721110721110721110Auto courts, lodging
721110721110721110Automobile courts, lodging
721110721110721110Health spas (i.e., physical fitness facilities) with accommodations
721110721110721110Hotel management services (i.e., providing management and operating staff to run hotel)
721110721110721110Hotels (except casino hotels)
721110721110721110Hotels (except casino hotels) with golf courses, tennis courts, and/or other health spa facilities (i.e., resorts)
721110721110721110Hotels, membership
721110721110721110Hotels, resort, without casinos
721110721110721110Hotels, seasonal, without casinos
721110721110721110Membership hotels
721110721110721110Motor courts
721110721110721110Motor hotels without casinos
721110721110721110Motor inns
721110721110721110Motor lodges
721110721110721110Resort hotels without casinos
721110721110721110Seasonal hotels without casinos
721110721110721110Ski lodges and resorts with accommodations
721110721110721110Summer resort hotels without casinos
721110721110721110Tourist lodges