NAICS Code Description

925110 - Administration of Housing Programs

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Housing Auth of The Cnty SntaSpringfield Housing Authority
Housing Auth of GreenvilleLaredo Housing Authority
Housing Auth of The Cy of LfytHousing Authority of The City
Huntington West VA Hsing AuthGreater Gadsden Housing Auth
Housing Auth of The Cnty DphinMemphis Housing Authority

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the administration and planning of housing programs.

Cross-References. Government establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Operating government rental housing--are classified in Subsector 531, Real Estate;
  • Conducting building inspections and enforcing building codes and standards--are classified in Industry 926150, Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors; and
  • Buying, pooling, and repackaging mortgages or home loans for sale to others on the secondary market--are classified in U.S. Industry 522294, Secondary Market Financing.
Index Entries for 925110
925110925110925110Building standards agencies, government
925110925110925110Housing authorities, nonoperating
925110925110925110Housing programs, planning and development, government