NAICS Code Description

926150 - Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors

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Department Cannabis ControlCosmetology Nevada State Board
Texas Workforce CommissionOutfitters and Profess Guides
Employment Services BureauArizona Department of Gaming
US Securities and Exch CommAlabama Alcoholic Bev Ctrl Bd
Alcohol and Marijuana Ctrl OffLicensing Consmr Affairs Dept

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the regulation, licensing, and inspection of commercial sectors, such as retail trade, professional occupations, manufacturing, mining, construction, and services. Included in this industry are government establishments maintaining physical standards, regulating hazardous conditions not elsewhere classified, and enforcing alcoholic beverage control regulations.

Illustrative Examples:

Alcoholic beverage control boards, public administration
Labor management negotiations boards, government
Banking regulatory agencies, public administration
Licensing and permit issuance for business operations, government
Building inspections, government
Licensing and permit issuance for professional occupations, government
Insurance commissions, government
Securities regulation commissions, public administration

Cross-References. Government establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Regulating, administering, and inspecting transportation services and facilities--are classified in Industry 926120, Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs; and
  • Regulating, administering, and inspecting communications, electric, gas, and other utilities--are classified in Industry 926130, Regulation and Administration of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilities.
Index Entries for 926150
926150926150926150Alcoholic beverage control boards
926150926150926150Banking regulatory agencies
926150926150926150Building inspections, government
926150926150926150Conciliation and mediation services, government
926150926150926150Health professions licensure agencies
926150926150926150Hospital licensure agencies
926150926150926150Inspection for labor standards
926150926150926150Insurance commissions, government
926150926150926150Labor management negotiations boards, government
926150926150926150Licensing and permit issuance for business operations, government
926150926150926150Licensing and permit issuance for professional occupations, government
926150926150926150Mediation and conciliation services, government
926150926150926150Minimum wage program administration
926150926150926150Occupational safety and health administration
926150926150926150Occupational safety and health standards agencies
926150926150926150Pet licensing
926150926150926150Price control agencies
926150926150926150Rent control agencies
926150926150926150Securities regulation commissions
926150926150926150Standards, setting and management, agencies, government
926150926150926150Wage control agencies, government