NAICS Code Description

926130 - Regulation and Administration of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilities

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Trinity River Authority TexasLewes Board of Public Works
City of PittsburgCity of Gas City
City of PoncaFederal Communications Comm
Nuclear Regulatory Comm USCentral Oregon Irrigation Dst
Morristown Utilities CommPublic Utilities Commission NH

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the administration, regulation, licensing, and inspection of utilities, such as communications, electric power (including fossil, nuclear, solar, water, and wind), gas and water supply, and sewerage.


  • Government establishments primarily engaged in operating utilities are classified in Subsector 221, Utilities.
Index Entries for 926130
926130926130926130Communications commissions
926130926130926130Communications licensing commissions and agencies
926130926130926130Energy development and conservation programs, government
926130926130926130Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
926130926130926130Irrigation districts, nonoperating
926130926130926130Licensing and inspecting of utilities
926130926130926130Mosquito eradication districts
926130926130926130Nuclear energy inspection and regulation offices
926130926130926130Public service (except transportation) commissions, nonoperating
926130926130926130Public utility (except transportation) commissions, nonoperating
926130926130926130Regulation of utilities
926130926130926130Sanitation districts, nonoperating
926130926130926130Solar energy regulation
926130926130926130Wind generated electrical power regulation