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922190 - Other Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities

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Village of LincolnwoodCity of Mesquite
City of MexiaEmergency Management Ark Div
National Drug Ctrl Policy OffBorough of Montvale
SC Dept Public SafetyOccuptnal Sfety Hlth Rview Com
Valco Sales & Mktg Cons CorpTownship of Lower Heidelberg

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in public order and safety (except courts, police protection, legal counsel and prosecution, correctional institutions, parole offices, probation offices, pardon boards, and fire protection). These establishments include the general administration of public order and safety programs. Government establishments responsible for the collection of statistics on public safety are included in this industry.

Illustrative Examples:

Consumer product safety commissions, public administration
Emergency planning and management offices, government
Disaster preparedness and management offices, government
Public safety bureaus and statistics centers, government

Cross-References. Government establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Serving as civilian courts of law (except American Indian and Alaska Native tribal courts)--are classified in Industry 922110, Courts;
  • Criminal and civil law enforcement, police, traffic safety, and similar activities related to the enforcement of law--are classified in Industry 922120, Police Protection;
  • Providing legal counsel to or prosecution services for their governments--are classified in Industry 922130, Legal Counsel and Prosecution;
  • The confinement, correction, and rehabilitation of adult and juvenile offenders sentenced by a court--are classified in Industry 922140, Correctional Institutions;
  • Judicially administering probation offices, parole offices and boards, and pardon boards--are classified in Industry 922150, Parole Offices and Probation Offices; and
  • Firefighting and other related fire protection activities--are classified in Industry 922160, Fire Protection.
Index Entries for 922190
922190922190922190Consumer product safety commissions
922190922190922190Criminal justice statistics centers, government
922190922190922190Disaster preparedness and management offices, government
922190922190922190Emergency planning and management offices, government
922190922190922190Law enforcement statistics centers, government
922190922190922190Public safety bureaus and statistics centers, government
922190922190922190Public safety statistics centers, government