NAICS Code Description

922160 - Fire Protection

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City of Mendota HeightsMenlo Park Fire Protection Dst
City of PhiladelphiaCottlvlle Cmnty Fire Prtction
North Metro Fire Rescue DstPiedmont Community Center
City of AstoriaTriun-Hlleck Vlntr Fire Dept I
Crosby Volunteer Fire DeptNew Market Vlntr Fire Co Inc

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in firefighting and other related fire protection activities. Government establishments providing combined fire protection and ambulance or rescue services are classified in this industry.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Forest firefighting--are classified in Industry 115310, Support Activities for Forestry;
  • Providing combined police and fire protection services--are classified in Industry 922120, Police Protection;
  • Providing firefighting services as a commercial activity--are classified in Industry 561990, All Other Support Services; and
  • Providing ambulance services without fire protection service--are classified in Industry 621910, Ambulance Services.
Index Entries for 922160
922160922160922160Ambulance and fire service combined
922160922160922160Fire and rescue service
922160922160922160Fire departments (e.g., government, volunteer (except private))
922160922160922160Fire marshals' offices
922160922160922160Fire prevention offices, government
922160922160922160Firefighting (except forest), government and volunteer (except private)
922160922160922160Firefighting services (except forest and private)