NAICS Code Description

922120 - Police Protection

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City of MargateBorough of Ivyland
County of Jim WellsCounty of Mackinac
City of DemopolisCounty of San Diego
City of ClioVillage of Bentleyville
City of West Saint PaulCity of Minnetonka

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in criminal and civil law enforcement, police, traffic safety, and other activities related to the enforcement of the law and preservation of order. Combined police and fire departments are included in this industry.


  • Government establishments primarily engaged in prosecution are classified in Industry 922130, Legal Counsel and Prosecution;
  • Government establishments primarily engaged in collection of law enforcement statistics are classified in Industry 922190, Other Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities;
  • Government establishments primarily engaged in providing police service for the military or National Guard are classified in Industry 928110, National Security;
  • Government establishments primarily engaged in providing police service for tribal governments are classified in Industry 921150, American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Governments;
  • Government establishments primarily engaged in enforcing immigration laws are classified in Industry 928120, International Affairs;
  • Sheriffs' offices conducting court functions only are classified in Industry 922110, Courts; and
  • Private establishments primarily engaged in providing security and investigation services are classified in Industry 56161, Investigation, Guard, and Armored Car Services.
Index Entries for 922120
922120922120922120Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms control
922120922120922120Criminal investigation offices, government
922120922120922120DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
922120922120922120Drug enforcement agencies and offices
922120922120922120Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
922120922120922120Federal police services
922120922120922120Highway patrols, police
922120922120922120Housing police, government
922120922120922120Marshals' offices
922120922120922120Park police
922120922120922120Police academies
922120922120922120Police and fire departments, combined
922120922120922120Police departments (except American Indian or Alaska Native)
922120922120922120Sheriffs' offices (except court functions only)
922120922120922120State police
922120922120922120Transit police