NAICS Code Description

541890 - Other Services Related to Advertising

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Polyconcept North America IncGeiger Bros
Leedsworld IncFresh Beginnings LLC
Dgs Retail LLCHalo Holding Corporation
Myron CorpCandlelight Inv Holdings
Power Sales and Advg IncNutis Press Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing advertising services (except advertising agency services, public relations agency services, media buying agency services, media representative services, display advertising services, direct mail advertising services, advertising material distribution services, and marketing consulting services).

Illustrative Examples:

Advertising specialties (e.g., keychains, magnets, pens) distribution services (except direct mail)
Sign lettering and painting services
Display lettering services
Store window dressing or trimming services
Mannequin decorating services
Welcoming services (i.e., advertising services)
Merchandise demonstration services

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Creating advertising campaigns and placing such advertising in newspapers, television, or other media--are classified in Industry 541810, Advertising Agencies;
  • Designing and implementing public relations campaigns--are classified in Industry 541820, Public Relations Agencies;
  • Purchasing advertising time or space from media outlets and reselling it directly to advertising agencies or individual companies--are classified in Industry 541830, Media Buying Agencies;
  • Selling media time or space for media owners as independent representatives--are classified in Industry 541840, Media Representatives;
  • Providing display advertising services (except aerial)--are classified in Industry 541850, Outdoor Advertising;
  • Providing direct distribution or delivery (e.g., door-to-door, windshield placement) of advertisements or samples--are classified in Industry 541870, Advertising Material Distribution Services;
  • Providing direct mail advertising services--are classified in Industry 541860, Direct Mail Advertising;
  • Publishing newspapers or operating television stations or on-line information services--are classified in Sector 51, Information; and
  • Providing marketing consulting services--are classified in U.S. Industry 541613, Marketing Consulting Services.
Index Entries for 541890
541890541890541890Advertising specialty (e.g., keychain, magnet, pen) distribution services
541890541890541890Demonstration services, merchandise
541890541890541890Display lettering services
541890541890541890Mannequin decorating services
541890541890541890Sign lettering and painting services
541890541890541890Welcoming services (i.e., advertising services)
541890541890541890Window dressing or trimming services, store