NAICS Code Description

541850 - Outdoor Advertising

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Clear Chnnel Otdoor Hldngs IncLamar Texas Ltd Partnership
Outfront Media IncInnomark Communications LLC
Sizmek Technologies IncAdams Outdoor Advg Ltd Partnr
Fluent IncDirect Digital Management LLC
Intersction Media Holdings IncTurn Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in creating and designing public display advertising campaign materials, such as printed, painted, or electronic displays; and/or placing such displays on indoor or outdoor billboards and panels, or on or within transit vehicles or facilities, shopping malls, retail (in-store) displays, and other display structures or sites.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing sign lettering and painting services--are classified in Industry 541890, Other Services Related to Advertising;
  • Printing paper or paperboard signs--are classified in Industry 32311, Printing;
  • Erecting display boards--are classified in Industry 238990, All Other Specialty Trade Contractors; and
  • Manufacturing electrical, mechanical, or plate signs and point-of-sale advertising displays--are classified in Industry 339950, Sign Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 541850
541850541850541850Advertising services, indoor or outdoor display
541850541850541850Advertising, aerial
541850541850541850Billboard display advertising services
541850541850541850Bus card advertising services
541850541850541850Bus display advertising services
541850541850541850Display advertising services
541850541850541850Indoor display advertising services
541850541850541850Out-of-home media (i.e., display) advertising services
541850541850541850Outdoor display advertising services
541850541850541850Store display advertising services
541850541850541850Subway card display advertising services
541850541850541850Taxicab card advertising services
541850541850541850Transit advertising services