NAICS Code Description

51219 - Postproduction Services and Other Motion Picture and Video Industries

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Dts IncBlack Label Media LLC
Walt Disney ImagineeringSundance Institute
Deluxe Media IncTen Publishing Media LLC
Foto-Kem Industries IncChapmn/Lnard Stdio Eqp Cnada I
Academy FoundationAtomic Fiction Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing postproduction services and other services to the motion picture industry, including specialized motion picture or video postproduction services, such as editing, film/tape transfers, titling, subtitling, credits, closed captioning, and computer-produced graphics, animation and special effects, as well as developing and processing motion picture film.

Illustrative Examples:

Motion picture film laboratories
Stock footage film libraries
Postproduction facilities
Teleproduction services

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Mass duplicating video discs, tapes, and film--are classified in Industry 33461, Manufacturing and Reproducing Magnetic and Optical Media;
  • Providing audio services for film, television, and video productions--are classified in Industry 51224, Sound Recording Studios;
  • Renting wardrobes and costumes for motion picture production--are classified in Industry 53228, Other Consumer Goods Rental;
  • Renting studio equipment--are classified in Industry 53249, Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing; and
  • Casting actors and actresses with production companies--are classified in Industry 56131, Employment Placement Agencies and Executive Search Services.

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