NAICS Code Description

337122 - Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing

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This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nonupholstered wood household-type furniture and freestanding cabinets (except television, stereo, and sewing machine cabinets). The furniture may be made on a stock or custom basis and may be assembled or unassembled (i.e., knockdown).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing reed, rattan, plastics and similar furniture--are classified in U.S. Industry 337125, Household Furniture (except Wood and Metal) Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing wood television, stereo, and sewing machine cabinets (i.e., housings)--are classified in U.S. Industry 321999, All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing wood or plastics laminated on wood kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and countertops (except freestanding)--are classified in Industry 337110, Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Manufacturing; and
  • Repairing or refinishing furniture--are classified in Industry 811420, Reupholstery and Furniture Repair.
Index Entries for 337122
337122337122337122Bed frames, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Bedroom furniture (except upholstered), wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Beds (except hospital), wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Beds, wood dormitory-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Beds, wood hotel-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Bookcases, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Buffets (furniture), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Cabinets, wood household-type, freestanding, manufacturing
337122337122337122Camp furniture, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Card table sets (furniture), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Cedar chests manufacturing
337122337122337122Chairs (except upholstered), wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122China closets, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Coffee tables, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Computer furniture, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Cots, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Cradles, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Cribs (i.e., baby beds), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Desks, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Dining room chairs (including upholstered), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Dining room furniture, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Dressers, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Dressing tables, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122End tables, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Furniture, outdoor wood household-type (e.g., beach, garden, lawn, porch), manufacturing
337122337122337122Furniture, unassembled or knock-down wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Furniture, unfinished wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Furniture, wood household-type, not upholstered (except TV and radio housings, and sewing machine cabinets), manufacturing
337122337122337122Futon frames manufacturing
337122337122337122Garden furniture, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Hammocks, wood framed, manufacturing
337122337122337122Headboards, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122High chairs, wood, children's, manufacturing
337122337122337122Home entertainment centers, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Household-type furniture, wood, not upholstered (except TV and radio housings and sewing machine cabinets), manufacturing
337122337122337122Juvenile furniture (except upholstered), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Kitchen chairs (e.g., upholstered), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Kitchen furniture, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Knickknack shelves, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Lawn furniture, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Living room furniture (except upholstered), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Magazine racks, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Night stands, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Nonupholstered, household-type, custom wood furniture, manufacturing
337122337122337122Nursery furniture (except upholstered), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Playpens, children's wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Porch furniture (except upholstered), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Rockers (except upholstered), wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Room dividers, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Serving carts, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Stools, wood household-type (except upholstered), manufacturing
337122337122337122Tables, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122TV stands and similar stands for consumer electronics, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Vanities, freestanding, wood, manufacturing
337122337122337122Wardrobes, wood household-type, manufacturing
337122337122337122Water bed frames, wood, manufacturing

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