NAICS Code Description

337125 - Household Furniture (except Wood and Metal) Manufacturing

No Companies Listed in 337125

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household-type furniture of materials other than wood or metal, such as plastics, reed, rattan, wicker, and fiberglass. The furniture may be made on a stock or custom basis and may be assembled or unassembled (i.e., knockdown).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing concrete, ceramic, or stone furniture--are classified in Subsector 327, Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing, according to the materials used;
  • Manufacturing upholstered household-type furniture--are classified in U.S. Industry 337121, Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing metal household-type furniture--are classified in U.S. Industry 337124, Metal Household Furniture Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing nonupholstered wood household-type furniture--are classified in U.S. Industry 337122, Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 337125
337125337125337125Bassinets, reed and rattan, manufacturing
337125337125337125Bookcases (except wood and metal), household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Camp furniture, reed and rattan, manufacturing
337125337125337125Car seats, infant (except metal), manufacturing
337125337125337125Chairs, cane, wood household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Dining room chairs (including upholstered), plastics manufacturing
337125337125337125Fiber furniture (except upholstered), household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Furniture (except wood, metal, upholstered) indoor and outdoor household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Hampers, laundry, reed, wicker, rattan, manufacturing
337125337125337125Juvenile furniture, rattan and reed, manufacturing
337125337125337125Kitchen chairs (including upholstered), plastics manufacturing
337125337125337125Laundry hampers, rattan, reed, wicker or willow, manufacturing
337125337125337125Lawn furniture (except concrete, metal, stone, wood) manufacturing
337125337125337125Malacca furniture (except upholstered), household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Plastics (including fiberglass) furniture (except upholstered), household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Rattan furniture, household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Reed furniture (except upholstered), household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125TV stands and similar stands for consumer electronics, plastics, manufacturing
337125337125337125Wicker furniture (except upholstered), household-type, manufacturing
337125337125337125Willow furniture (except upholstered), household-type, manufacturing