NAICS Code Description

327999 - All Other Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing

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Owens CorningBonsal American Inc
Unifrax Holding CoThermal Ceramics Inc
3M Technical Ceramics IncUS Synthetic Corporation
Unifrax I LLCApproved Networks LLC
Momq Holding CompanyUfx Holding I Corporation

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nonmetallic mineral products (except pottery, ceramics, and plumbing fixtures; clay building materials and refractories; glass and glass products; cement; ready-mix concrete; concrete products; lime; gypsum products; abrasive products; cut stone and stone products; ground and treated minerals and earth; and mineral wool).

Illustrative Examples:

Dry mix concrete manufacturing
Mica products manufacturing
Manmade and engineered proppants (e.g., resin-coated sand, ceramic materials) manufacturing
Stucco and stucco products manufacturing
Synthetic stones, for gem stones and industrial use, manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing pottery, ceramics, and plumbing fixtures--are classified in Industry 327110, Pottery, Ceramics, and Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing clay building materials and refractories--are classified in Industry 327120, Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing glass and glass products--are classified in Industry 32721, Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing cement--are classified in Industry 327310, Cement Manufacturing;
  • Mixing and delivering ready-mix concrete--are classified in Industry 327320, Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing concrete pipe, brick, and block--are classified in Industry 32733, Concrete Pipe, Brick, and Block Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing concrete products (except pipe, brick, and block)--are classified in Industry 327390, Other Concrete Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing lime--are classified in Industry 327410, Lime Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing gypsum products--are classified in Industry 327420, Gypsum Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing abrasives and abrasive products--are classified in Industry 327910, Abrasive Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing cut stone and stone products--are classified in U.S. Industry 327991, Cut Stone and Stone Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing ground and treated minerals and earth (i.e., not at the mine site)--are classified in U.S. Industry 327992, Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing mineral wool and fiberglass insulation products--are classified in U.S. Industry 327993, Mineral Wool Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 327999
327999327999327999Asbestos products (except brake shoes and clutches) manufacturing
327999327999327999Asphalt concrete crushing and grinding (except at construction site)
327999327999327999Built-up mica manufacturing
327999327999327999Ceramic fiber manufacturing
327999327999327999Concrete crushing and grinding (except at construction site)
327999327999327999Concrete, dry mixture, manufacturing
327999327999327999Dry mix concrete manufacturing
327999327999327999Ecclesiastical statuary, paper mache, manufacturing
327999327999327999Images, small papier-mache, manufacturing
327999327999327999Manmade and engineered proppants (e.g., resin-coated sand, ceramic materials) manufacturing
327999327999327999Mica products manufacturing
327999327999327999Papier-mache statuary and related art goods (e.g., urns, vases) manufacturing
327999327999327999Peat pots, molded pulp, manufacturing
327999327999327999Statuary, vases, and urns, papier-mache, manufacturing
327999327999327999Stones, synthetic, for gem stones and industrial use, manufacturing
327999327999327999Stucco and stucco products manufacturing
327999327999327999Synthetic stones, for gem stones and industrial use, manufacturing