NAICS Code Description

327410 - Lime Manufacturing

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Kdm Holding IncRockydale Quarries Corporation
Graymont (wi) LLCLhoist North America MO Inc
Mississippi Lime CompanyMk Minerals Inc
Lhoist North America Ala LLCSoutheast Missouri Stone Co
Austin White Lime CompanyNeville Pulverized Lime Co

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lime from calcitic limestone, dolomitic limestone, or other calcareous materials, such as coral, chalk, and shells. Lime manufacturing establishments may mine, quarry, collect, or purchase the sources of calcium carbonate.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dolomite refractories are classified in Industry 327120, Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 327410
327410327410327410Agricultural lime manufacturing
327410327410327410Calcium hydroxide (i.e., hydrated lime) manufacturing
327410327410327410Calcium oxide (i.e., quicklime) manufacturing
327410327410327410Dolomite, dead-burned, manufacturing
327410327410327410Dolomitic lime manufacturing
327410327410327410Hydrated lime (i.e., calcium hydroxide) manufacturing
327410327410327410Lime production
327410327410327410Quicklime (i.e., calcium oxide) manufacturing