NAICS Code Description

327390 - Other Concrete Product Manufacturing

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Quikrete Holdings IncCemex Cnstr Mtls PCF LLC
Quanex Building Products CorpEldorado Stone LLC
Forterra Pipe & Precast LLCNeenah Enterprises Inc
Headwaters IncorporatedMaterial Packaging Corp
Crh America IncCretex Companies Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete products (except block, brick, and pipe).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing concrete block and brick--are classified in U.S. Industry 327331, Concrete Block and Brick Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing concrete pipe--are classified in U.S. Industry 327332, Concrete Pipe Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 327390
327390327390327390Architectural wall panels, precast concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Burial vaults, concrete and precast terrazzo, manufacturing
327390327390327390Cast stone, concrete (except structural), manufacturing
327390327390327390Chimney caps, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Concrete furniture (e.g., benches, tables) manufacturing
327390327390327390Concrete products, precast (except block, brick and pipe), manufacturing
327390327390327390Concrete tanks manufacturing
327390327390327390Copings, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Garbage incinerators, precast concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Garden furniture, precast concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Girders and beams, prestressed concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Girders, prestressed concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Incinerators, precast concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Lintels, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Ornamental and statuary precast concrete products manufacturing
327390327390327390Poles, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Posts, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Precast concrete products (except brick, block, pipe) manufacturing
327390327390327390Prestressed concrete products (except blocks, bricks, pipes) manufacturing
327390327390327390Roofing tile, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Sills, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Silos, prefabricated concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Tanks, concrete, manufacturing
327390327390327390Terrazzo products, precast (except brick, block and pipe), manufacturing
327390327390327390Ties, concrete, railroad, manufacturing