NAICS Code Description

11511 - Support Activities for Crop Production

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Corteva IncTaylor Fresh Foods Inc
Andersons IncOlam Americas Inc
Syngenta Crop Protection LLCHeartland Co-Op
Corteva Agriscience LLCSun World International Inc
Gruma CorporationWonderful Citrus Packing LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing support activities for growing crops.

Illustrative Examples:

Aerial crop dusting or spraying (i.e., using specialized or dedicated aircraft)
Farm management services
Cotton ginning
Planting crops
Cultivating services
Vineyard cultivation services

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Performing crop production that are generally known as farms, orchards, groves, or vineyards (including tenant farms)--are classified in the appropriate crop industry within Subsector 111, Crop Production;
  • Providing support activities for forestry--are classified in Industry 11531, Support Activities for Forestry;
  • Landscaping and horticultural services, such as lawn and maintenance care and ornamental shrub and tree services--are classified in Industry 56173, Landscaping Services;
  • Land clearing, land leveling, and earth moving for terracing, ponds, and irrigation--are classified in Industry 23891, Site Preparation Contractors;
  • Artificially drying and dehydrating fruits and vegetables--are classified in Industry 31142, Fruit and Vegetable Canning, Pickling, and Drying;
  • Stemming and redrying tobacco--are classified in Industry 31223, Tobacco Manufacturing;
  • Providing water for irrigation--are classified in Industry 22131, Water Supply and Irrigation Systems; and
  • Buying farm products, such as fruits or vegetables, for resale to other wholesalers or retailers, and preparing them for market or further processing--are classified in Industry 42448, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Wholesalers.

NAICS Codes that fall under 11511 - Support Activities for Crop Production