NAICS Code Description

114111 - Finfish Fishing

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Aleutian Prblof Island Cmnty DGauthier & Spaulding Fisheries
OHara CorporationRondys Inc
Fishing Company of Alaska IncIrish Venture Inc
C R Brown Enterprises IncC B Docks Inc
Ruleau Brothers IncSeaborn Enterprises Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the commercial catching or taking of finfish (e.g., bluefish, salmon, trout, tuna) from their natural habitat.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Farm raising finfish--are classified in U.S. Industry 112511, Finfish Farming and Fish Hatcheries; and
  • Gathering and processing (known as "floating factory ships"") seafood into canned seafood products--are classified in Industry 311710
Index Entries for 114111
114111114111114111Anchovy fishing
114111114111114111Bluefish fishing
114111114111114111Cod catching
114111114111114111Cod fishing
114111114111114111Croaker fishing
114111114111114111Dolphin fishing
114111114111114111Eel fishing
114111114111114111Finfish fishing (e.g., flounder, salmon, trout)
114111114111114111Fisheries, finfish
114111114111114111Flounder fishing
114111114111114111Grouper fishing
114111114111114111Haddock fishing
114111114111114111Hake fishing
114111114111114111Halibut fishing
114111114111114111Herring fishing
114111114111114111Lingcod fishing
114111114111114111Mackerel fishing
114111114111114111Mahimahi fishing
114111114111114111Menhaden fishing
114111114111114111Mullet fishing
114111114111114111Perch fishing
114111114111114111Pilchard fishing
114111114111114111Pollock fishing
114111114111114111Porgy fishing
114111114111114111Ray fishing
114111114111114111Rockfish fishing
114111114111114111Sablefish fishing
114111114111114111Salmon fishing
114111114111114111Sea bass fishing
114111114111114111Sea herring fishing
114111114111114111Sea trout fishing
114111114111114111Shark fishing
114111114111114111Snapper fishing
114111114111114111Swordfish fishing
114111114111114111Tilefish fishing
114111114111114111Trout fishing
114111114111114111Tuna fishing
114111114111114111Whiting fishing