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112511 - Finfish Farming and Fish Hatcheries

Top Businesses by Revenue for 112511:

Clear Springs Foods IncBuhlID
Coastal Villages Pollock LLCAnchorageAK
Wisner Minnow Hatchery IncWisnerLA
William Prince Sound AquacultuCordovaAK
Southern SE Reg Aquacltral ASCKetchikanAK
Blue Ridge Aquaculture IncRidgewayVA
Segrest Farms IncGibsontonFL
Douglas Island Pink and ChumJuneauAK
Ozark Fisheries IncStoutlandMO
Kodiak Rgonal Aquaculture AssnKodiakAK

112511 - Finfish Farming and Fish Hatcheries

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) farm raising finfish (e.g., catfish, trout, goldfish, tropical fish, minnows) and/or (2) hatching fish of any kind.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in the catching or taking of finfish from their natural habitat are classified in U.S. Industry 114111, Finfish Fishing.
Index Entries for 112511
112511112511112511Baitfish production, farm raising
112511112511112511Catfish production, farm raising
112511112511112511Finfish production, farm raising
112511112511112511Finfish, hatcheries
112511112511112511Fish farms, finfish
112511112511112511Goldfish production, farm raising
112511112511112511Hatcheries, finfish
112511112511112511Hybrid striped bass production
112511112511112511Minnow production, farm raising
112511112511112511Ornamental fish production, farm raising
112511112511112511Tilapia production
112511112511112511Tropical fish production, farm raising
112511112511112511Trout production, farm raising