NAICS Code Description

11141 - Food Crops Grown Under Cover

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This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing food crops (e.g., fruits, melons, tomatoes) under glass or protective cover.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in growing vegetable and melon bedding plants are classified in Industry 11121, Vegetable and Melon Farming.

NAICS Codes that fall under 11141 - Food Crops Grown Under Cover

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Monterey Mushrooms IncWatsonvilleCA
Kaolin Mushroom Farms IncKennett SquarePA
Giorgi Mushroom CoBlandonPA
Sylvan IncKittanningPA
Herbco International CorpDuvallWA
Houweling Utah Operations IncMonaUT
Growers Transplanting IncSalinasCA
J & C Enterprises IncDoralFL
Northern Seed LLCGreat FallsMT
Oakshire Mushroom Farm IncKennett SquarePA