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11121 - Vegetable and Melon Farming

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Generis Holdings LPDArrigo Bros Co California
Tanimura Antle Fresh Foods IncVillage Farms LP
Dole Food Company IncPro-Health LLC
NS Brands LtdHartung Brothers Inc
Black Gold FarmsBottomley Evergreens Farms Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) growing vegetable and/or melon crops; (2) producing vegetable and/or melon seeds; and (3) growing vegetable and/or melon bedding plants. The crops included in this industry have an annual growth cycle and are grown in open fields. Climate and cultural practices limit producing areas but often permit the growing of a combination of crops in a year.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Growing sugar beets--are classified in Industry 11199, All Other Crop Farming;
  • Growing vegetables and melons under glass or protective cover--are classified in Industry 11141, Food Crops Grown Under Cover;
  • Growing dry peas and beans--are classified in Industry 11113, Dry Pea and Bean Farming;
  • Growing corn (except sweet corn)--are classified in Industry 11115, Corn Farming;
  • Canning, pickling, and/or drying (artificially) vegetables--are classified in Industry 31142, Fruit and Vegetable Canning, Pickling, and Drying; and
  • Growing fruit on trees and other fruit-bearing plants (except melons)--are classified in Industry Group 1113, Fruit and Tree Nut Farming.

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