Why Purchase Records You Already Own?

Utilize our Customer File Suppression Services to Eliminate Existing Customers from Targeted Marketing List Purchases.

How Does it Work?

1. Send us Your Customer Database.
2. DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) Numbers are Appended to Records.
3. A Suppression File is Created Based on each Business’s Unique DUNS Identifier.
4. A Targeted Marketing List is Created to Target Your Ideal Market, Excluding Your Existing Customers

Bonus: You Can use Your Suppression File for all Future Orders as Well!

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If you purchase Highly Targeted Lists that reflect your ideal market, there’s more than a good chance that your current customers are already on that list. Why spend money for records you already own? Don’t continue buying the same records again and again. Customer File Suppression Services are the best way to Keep Your Marketing Dollars Where They Belong: Getting you New Customers.

Do You Want Ongoing Access to New B2B Sales Leads Lists

Without Buying the Same Leads Twice?

Check out the The NAICS Association’s Lead Generation Program.


Accurately Update, Cleanse and Append Mission-Critical Data to your Existing Business Databases.Don’t waste Valuable Marketing Dollars on Inaccurate Contact Information. NAICS Association call clean up your data in no time!

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Need Immediate Information on a Single Company? Search over 19 million US Businesses to find NAICS Codes, SIC Codes, DUNS Numbers, Company Size Info and More.

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Don’t Waste Money on Dead, Unverified E-Mail Addresses. NAICS Association Offers Only the Most Trusted and Reliable Opt-In Business Contact Email Addresses Available.


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