How Does a Data Append Work? What is the Process?

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The Process:

Describe Your Needs, Provide a Sample, Approve the Outputs, and Enjoy the Results. 

From Start to Finish, a Dedicated Data Append Specialist will guide you through this short and simple process, always available to answer any questions.

Here is a Breakout of the overall Customer Experience you can expect:

1. Determining the ideal Data Append for Your Unique Needs
With dozens of Single data elements available, and four Standard record layouts, there are countless ways to customize a data append to your needs. Far from the one-size-fits-all mentality of many of our competitors, we ensure that you pay only for the data you need.

2. Delivery of a Statement of Work and Price Quote
Once your needs have been determined, a Statement of Work will be delivered to your inbox,  outlining the project in clear terms.

3. Sample File Append
We provide a free sample append of up to 300 records to demonstrate the exact quality of results you can expect.

4. Sample Review & Adjustment
Your Dedicated Data Append Specialist will review your sample file and make adjustments as needed to ensure your data matches with the best possible results.

5. Submit the Full File
Now that the data has been adjusted for optimum results, the full file is submitted to the data append system.

6. Success!
Your file is returned to you with actionable business intelligence!

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