Standard Industrial Code Divisions

Major Group: 15—Building Construction General Contractors And Operative Builders

This major group includes general contractors and operative builders primarily engaged in the construction of residential, farm, industrial, commercial, or other buildings. General building contractors who combine a special trade with the contracting are included in this major group.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 152: General Building Contractors—residential
1521General Contractors—Single-Family Houses476,863
1522General Contractors—Residential Buildings, Other Than Single-Family33,574
Industry Group 153: Operative Builders
1531Operative Builders6,939
Industry Group 154: General Building Contractors-nonresidential
1541General Contractors—Industrial Buildings and Warehouses12,689
1542General Contractors—Nonresidential Buildings, Other than Industrial Buildings and Warehouses43,819