NAICS Code Description

921130 - Public Finance Activities

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Village of CimarronCity of Lockport
County of JacksonCounty of Polk
County of MilamCity of Shore Acres
Treasury United States DeptCounty of Real
Massachusetts Dept RevenueCity of Keene

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in public finance, taxation, and monetary policy. Included are financial administration activities, such as monetary policy; tax administration and collection; custody and disbursement of funds; debt and investment administration; auditing activities; and government employee retirement trust fund administration.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Administering income maintenance programs--are classified in Industry 923130, Administration of Human Resource Programs (except Education, Public Health, and Veterans' Affairs Programs);
  • Regulating insurance and banking institutions--are classified in Industry 926150, Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors; and
  • Performing central banking functions, such as issuing currency and acting as the fiscal agent for the central government--are classified in Industry 521110, Monetary Authorities-Central Bank.
Index Entries for 921130
921130921130921130921130Assessor's offices, tax
921130921130921130921130Board of Governors, Federal Reserve
921130921130921130921130Budget agencies, government
921130921130921130921130Controllers' and comptrollers' offices, government
921130921130921130921130Customs bureaus
921130921130921130921130Federal Reserve Board of Governors
921130921130921130921130Gambling control boards, nonoperating
921130921130921130921130Internal Revenue Service
921130921130921130921130Lottery control boards, nonoperating
921130921130921130921130Property tax assessors' offices
921130921130921130921130State tax commissions
921130921130921130921130Taxation departments
921130921130921130921130Treasurers' offices, government