NAICS Code Description

624190 - Other Individual and Family Services

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Corrections and Community SupSave Children Federation Inc
Catholic Rlief Svcs - US CnfrnCommunity Care Inc
Bcfs Health and Human ServicesMidwest Food Bank Nfp
Interntnal Rscue Committee IncAlzhemers Dsase Rlted Dsrders
Inland Cnties Regional Ctr IncStavros Ctr For Ind Living Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing nonresidential individual and family social assistance services (except those specifically directed toward children, the elderly, or persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities).

Illustrative Examples:

Community action services agencies
Marriage counseling services (except by offices of mental health practitioners)
Crisis intervention centers
Multi-purpose social services centers
Family social services agencies
Family welfare services
Self-help organizations (except for disabled persons, the elderly)
Suicide crisis centers
Hotline centers
Telephone counseling services

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing clinical psychological and psychiatric counseling services (except by offices of physicians)--are classified in Industry 621330, Offices of Mental Health Practitioners (except Physicians);
  • Providing child and youth social assistance services (except child care services)--are classified in Industry 624110, Child and Youth Services;
  • Providing child care services--are classified in Industry 624410, Child Care Services;
  • Providing social assistance services for the elderly and persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities--are classified in Industry 624120, Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities;
  • Community action advocacy--are classified in U.S. Industry 813319, Other Social Advocacy Organizations; and
  • Providing in-home health care services--are classified in Subsector 621, Ambulatory Health Care Services.
Index Entries for 624190
624190624190624190624190Alcoholism and drug addiction self-help organizations
624190624190624190624190Alcoholism counseling (except medical treatment), nonresidential
624190624190624190624190Alcoholism self-help organizations
624190624190624190624190Community action service agencies
624190624190624190624190Community health education services (except health care services)
624190624190624190624190Counseling services (except by psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, or psychotherapists)
624190624190624190624190Crisis intervention centers
624190624190624190624190Drug addiction self-help organizations
624190624190624190624190Ex-offender rehabilitation agencies
624190624190624190624190Ex-offender self-help organizations
624190624190624190624190Family social service agencies
624190624190624190624190Family welfare services
624190624190624190624190Hotline centers
624190624190624190624190Individual and family social services, multi-purpose
624190624190624190624190Marriage counseling services (except by offices of mental health practitioners)
624190624190624190624190Mediation, social service, family, agencies
624190624190624190624190Multiservice centers, neighborhood
624190624190624190624190Offender self-help organizations
624190624190624190624190Parenting support services
624190624190624190624190Parole offices, privately operated
624190624190624190624190Probation offices, privately operated
624190624190624190624190Rape crisis centers
624190624190624190624190Referral services for personal and social problems
624190624190624190624190Rehabilitation agencies for offenders
624190624190624190624190Self-help organizations (except for disabled persons, the elderly)
624190624190624190624190Social service agencies, family
624190624190624190624190Social service centers, multi-purpose
624190624190624190624190Suicide crisis centers
624190624190624190624190Support group services
624190624190624190624190Telephone counseling services
624190624190624190624190Travelers' aid centers
624190624190624190624190Welfare service centers, multi-program