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813319 - Other Social Advocacy Organizations

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American Lbnese Syrian Assod CUnited States Fund For Unicef
AARPTides Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield NDSouth Cntl Los Angles Rgnal CT
Chenega CorporationState Univ Iowa Foundation
Alaska Ntiv Trbal Hlth CnsrtiuHarvard Prvate Capitl Rlty Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in social advocacy (except human rights and environmental protection, conservation, and wildlife preservation). Establishments in this industry address issues, such as peace and international understanding; community action (excluding civic organizations); or advancing social causes, such as firearms safety, drunk driving prevention, or drug abuse awareness. These organizations may solicit contributions and offer memberships to support these causes.

Illustrative Examples:

Community action advocacy organizations
Substance abuse prevention advocacy organizations
Firearms advocacy organizations
Taxpayers' advocacy organizations
Peace advocacy organizations

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Advocating human rights issues--are classified in U.S. Industry 813311, Human Rights Organizations;
  • Promoting the preservation and protection of the environment and wildlife--are classified in U.S. Industry 813312, Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations;
  • Promoting the civic and social interests of their members--are classified in Industry 813410, Civic and Social Organizations;
  • Providing legal services for social advocacy organizations--are classified in Industry Group 5411, Legal Services; and
  • Providing community action services, such as community action service agencies--are classified in Industry 624190, Other Individual and Family Services.
Index Entries for 813319
813319813319813319Accident prevention associations
813319813319813319Antipoverty advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Aviation advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Community action advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Drug abuse prevention advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Drunk driving prevention advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Firearms advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Gun control organizations
813319813319813319Hunting, fishing, and sport shooting advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Neighborhood development advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Peace advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Public safety advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Social change advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Social service advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Substance abuse prevention advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Taxpayers' advocacy organizations
813319813319813319Temperance organizations
813319813319813319Tenants' advocacy associations
813319813319813319Tenants' associations, advocacy
813319813319813319World peace and understanding advocacy organizations