NAICS Code Description

611620 - Sports and Recreation Instruction

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Alterra Mountain CompanyEchoing Hills Village Inc
Fit For Life LLCCircustrix LLC
Varsity Spirit LLCCorportion For The Prom Rfle P
Corepower Yoga LLCChallenger Sports Corp
At Sports IncCamp Twin Lakes Inc

This industry comprises establishments, such as camps and schools, primarily engaged in offering instruction in athletic activities. Overnight and day sports instruction camps are included in this industry.

Illustrative Examples:

Camps, sports instruction
Professional sports instructors (i.e., not participating in sporting events)
Cheerleading instruction
Riding instruction academies or schools
Gymnastics instruction
Sports (e.g., baseball, basketball, football, golf) instruction
Martial arts instruction, camps or schools
Swimming instruction


  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating overnight recreational camps that may offer some athletic instruction in addition to other activities are classified in U.S. Industry 721214, Recreational and Vacation Camps (except Campgrounds);
  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating sports and recreation establishments that also offer athletic instruction are classified in Sector 71, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation;
  • Independent (i.e., freelance) athletes engaged in providing sports instruction and participating in spectator sporting events are classified in U.S. Industry 711219, Other Spectator Sports;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in offering academic courses that may also offer athletic instruction are classified according to the type of school; and
  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing personal fitness training services without operating physical fitness centers are classified in Industry 812990, All Other Personal Services.
Index Entries for 611620
611620611620611620611620Academies, riding instruction
611620611620611620611620Aerobic dance and exercise instruction
611620611620611620611620Automobile racing schools
611620611620611620611620Baseball instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Basketball instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Baton instruction
611620611620611620611620Bowling instruction
611620611620611620611620Boys' camps, sports instruction
611620611620611620611620Boys' camps, sports instructor
611620611620611620611620Camps, sports instruction
611620611620611620611620Cheerleading instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Football instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Girls' camps, sports instruction
611620611620611620611620Golf instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Gymnastics instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Hockey instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Jai alai instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Judo instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Karate instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Martial arts instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Professional sports (e.g., golf, skiing, swimming, tennis) instructors (i.e., not participating in sporting events)
611620611620611620611620Riding instruction academies or schools
611620611620611620611620Schools, sports instruction
611620611620611620611620Scuba instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Skiing instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Skin diving instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Sky diving instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Soccer instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Sports camps (e.g., baseball, basketball, football), instructional
611620611620611620611620Sports instruction, camps or schools
611620611620611620611620Swimming instruction
611620611620611620611620Tennis instruction, camps or schools