NAICS Code Description

531312 - Nonresidential Property Managers

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Wework IncJazzy Electronics Corp
Forest City Enterprises LPMetro National Corporation
Alexander & Baldwin IncGardner Inc
Metroplex Holdings IncTep Government RE Fund II LLC
Terra Holdings LLCUnico Properties LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in managing nonresidential real estate for others.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in managing residential real estate for others are classified in U.S. Industry 531311, Residential Property Managers;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in acting as lessors of buildings (except miniwarehouses and self-storage units) that are not used as residences or dwellings are classified in Industry 531120, Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses);
  • Establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing space for self-storage are classified in Industry 531130, Lessors of Miniwarehouses and Self-Storage Units;
  • Establishments formed as associations on behalf of individual nonresidential condominium owners are classified in Industry 813990, Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations);
  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing operating staff to perform a combination of services to support operations within a client's facilities are classified in Industry 561210, Facilities Support Services;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in renting real estate on behalf of owners are classified in Industry 531210, Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing individual activities related to property management (e.g., maintenance, security, landscaping, etc.) are classified in the appropriate industry according to the service provided; and
  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating short-term lodging facilities, such as hotels, motels, casino hotels, and bed-and-breakfast inns are classified in Industry Group 7211, Traveler Accommodation.
Index Entries for 531312
531312531312531312531312Commercial property managing
531312531312531312531312Commercial real estate property managers' offices
531312531312531312531312Condominium managers' offices, commercial
531312531312531312531312Managers' offices, commercial condominium
531312531312531312531312Managers' offices, commercial real estate
531312531312531312531312Managers' offices, nonresidential real estate
531312531312531312531312Managing commercial condominiums
531312531312531312531312Managing commercial real estate
531312531312531312531312Nonresidential property managing
531312531312531312531312Property managers' offices, commercial real estate
531312531312531312531312Property managers' offices, nonresidential real estate
531312531312531312531312Property managing, commercial real estate
531312531312531312531312Property managing, nonresidential real estate
531312531312531312531312Real estate property managers' offices, commercial